A response to Pope Francis

And why I am so disappointed in you…

Christine Penn
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Photo by Nacho Arteaga on Unsplash —The Pope turning his back would be appropriate for this article

Pope Francis was interviewed recently and expressed his views stating that “Gender ideology is ‘one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations’ today”.

I personally feel that his statements are so out of touch with reality. It pretty much sums up why I have conflicts being a member of the religion I was raised with.

Because I have a tendency to be a fighter, I am inclined to try to fix the religion I was raised with, taught about, and passed on to my children before abandoning it totally. Therefore, I’m a member of a group of Catholics trying to change the way the church interacts with the LGBTQ community in general. But I feel that we are utterly talking to a brick wall when I here statements like this come from the leadership…and even worse from the Pope himself.

So, I am going to analyze the article above, which reports on his remarks and respond to them. I really hope he somehow finds this response, reads it, and changes to become a better leader in the world.

Responding to his remarks

Pope Francis — “Gender ideology is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations today”

My response — Anyone starting out with a reference to “Gender Ideology” we know is generally going to be problematic. It was a made up term by those against the transgender community as a way to imply that we have somehow been influencing others into a set of false beliefs. It has been referenced so much, today it can imply just about anything when discussing topics related to gender equality, abortion, sexual education, or LGBTQ rights. His reference here tells us right off the bat that he likely does not support any of those topics. Which he doubles down on with ties to his ideological colonization reference. Its his right to have these beliefs, but when doing so he alienates many people within his flock. For someone who represents God on earth, this seems contrary to his mission. I don’t believe that…



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