A transgender woman’s first experience with period panties

Christine Penn
5 min readMar 22, 2023

I was looking for a better solution than using pads ever day…so I contacted a company who makes period panties to see if they could help.

If you are not familiar with why I would need them, then you may want to read this story first:

The solution I was using, using pads/panty liners, was not perfect. Holding moisture in a pad near the skin does cause some irritation to the surrounding structures. You can minimize this a bit with more frequent pad changes; which I am sure the companies who make them love that concept…(more money to them). But I suspect that many other women likely follow the same thing I do…which is when you start to feel the need…you go change it then. The schedule for this varies greatly and causes minor interruptions into your day.

In my case, the irritation is already done…and why helpful, its going to be back later for the next round. And then there is the waste. More pad use…more waste created. Certainly there had to be better solutions out there that were more eco-friendly than these single use products.

So, I went to Facebook…and started looking at my targeted adds. Yes, as a woman, all sorts of special feminine products are target marketed to me. It didn’t take long to find a company (I had seen them many times before…) and I decided to reach out to them for help.

I sent them my concerns about my unique situation and they were very happy to help. I asked them questions like — What was my flow rate compared to other cis-women? (They have varying products targeted to different rates.) Would they work for my other needs, like dilation? What about varying needs like after surgeries?

They sent me back a beautiful message and answers to my questions. I was not surprised, but disappointed, that their design works better for liquids and not really for any jellies. So, depending on the dilation products used, it will not be super effective and long term use with those would likely damage the material. (They suggested shifting over to use a water based lube only. I had tried those before and found water based is a bit too messy…so my preference are definitely the jellies.)



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