Decision Made

Christine Penn
4 min readJul 16, 2022
Mount Sinai Hospital (where GCS surgeries are done), offices are in the building across with the scaffolding on it.

So I had my follow-up this week, where I had to make the decision I was regretting as referenced in this story:

It ended up being not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. Still, I had some concerns that I felt needed to be worked out first, before making any final decisions on another labiaplasty. They were items that could end up affecting it.

First one was in regards to a recent issue. It feels like the plate they put in my pelvis was starting to become loose. A turn the other day (body twist) started what is now a repeating series of pains from what maybe a shifting plate occurring somewhat randomly. (The story below contains a picture of said plate…which is what the image was actually taken for; an inspection of the plate…)

Dr. Ting asked me a whole bunch of questions of what that felt like and recommended I really get that checked out (I do have an appt for it, but it is a ways out yet). He mentioned that I was probably right, and it sounded to him like it was coming loose, based on what I was describing. I was a little bummed about that; particularly considering I was wheel chair bound for quite some time after having it put in to give it time to heal. But the good news was, that it wouldn’t likely have any bearing on anything related to the labiaplasty itself.

Potential problem number two had to do with the clitoral area. It seemed to be problematic anytime it was touched and resulted in frequent bleeding as a result. An inspection ensued and an area of granulation was found. He said it was something he could fix on the spot with some silver nitrate and he went to work. This would become a little irritating the rest of the day…and later on when I did a bike race, it really irritated it. (I wouldn’t recommend doing something like that, that can cause rubbing to occur after a treatment…

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