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Updates to my recent medical follow ups and the continuation of my Pelvis saga…

Christine Penn
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Last visit with the Orthopedic Team

Back on March 28th, I had my follow up for my plate removal surgery. During the visit, they took a final x-ray/image of my pelvis.

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Post plate removal was quite the experience. The incision site and muscles they cut through to remove the plate was much more painful than expected. (I think the pain meds they had me on when they put it in did a much better job of masking that, but they were not offered for the removal.) Also with the removal, it felt as if some flexibility returned to my pelvis. Along with that came along some new pains in the joints and surrounding ligaments. And you could feel it doing even the simplest of things; like just walking around. The good thing was that it was recovering fairly quickly. Very sore at first, but definitely becoming better with time. My thought was this was because the plate kept them from being able to flex for around the last year or so. Now that they were able to move around again; they simply needed some time to adjust.

One area continues to be a little problematic and it feels like it is in the back area. Funny thing is, talking with people who have had similar issues/surgeries in in the area report the same thing. I’m hoping this gets better with more time.

At the visit. I reported that I had recently recorded some body measurements (an unscientific method of holding a tape measure to areas of the body) to assess where I was. I was not surprised to find that my hip measurement was now one inch higher than where it was prior to the accident. Related, I also relayed that I am still experiencing/feeling growth pains in the area. Only now they are very much normal as there is no longer a plate trying to constrain/hold them back.

Nothing was noted during the visit about the images taken, but they updated the notes several days after the visit (on 4/3). Apparently they went back and analyzed them comparing the images to the prior visit and added notes that additional…



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