My hospital experience with my recent Pelvis Plate Removal Surgery

Another step in my ongoing pelvis saga

Christine Penn
9 min readFeb 5


(If you are not familiar with why I was having the plate removed, you may want to first check out the story linked at the bottom of this story.)

Surgery day

My friend Hazel accompanied me and was going to be my required caretaker that they would release me to. She had specifically re-arranged her work schedule to support me on this day.

Hazel (in front) and I

I was very glad that she was with me, as she added some ease to what was a stressful time for me. As each person came in, they would always start with asking for name and date of birth, then ask you to confirm what you were there for. We quickly decided that we were going to start screwing with them for fun, so when the next person came in I replied that I was there for Brain Surgery. Every time I said it, I would laugh and look at Hazel. The various nurses and doctors didn’t mind the comedy and some of the comments we got back were pretty good. (Of course I gave the real response after the laugh.)

Eventually the nurse came in to start a port for what would be used as the I-V when they took me back for surgery. I warned her that I could be hard to get and the fun I have had with prior procedures was repeated once again. Two failed attempts in my left arm, before she found something that would work in my right. However, later when I was on the table ready for surgery, they found that it had closed up or collapsed and they had no choice but to tap a new one. No surprise on the location they used — top of my left hand — ouch!

Pre-checks and the doggies

While waiting there to be wheeled back to the Operating Room, two ladies were in the hall with two therapy dogs. When I heard the one lady ask the nurse through the curtain if they had any patients that could use a visit, I spoke up and yelled that they were more than welcome to come into my room and they did. We spent a couple minutes playing with them and then got handed their business cards:



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