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What’s happening with my pelvis now that the plate has been removed.

Christine Penn
4 min readFeb 14


Picture of my pelvis with the plate removed (broken pin left behind)

As time goes on, it amazes me all of the different experiences I am going through with this recovery situation. Honestly, it feels like recovery keeps on getting reset and we start over again. I am in another one of those phases where things got reset and it will be months before any real recovery can begin (mostly athletic, but that is part of my “normal” life). The repetitive nature of this in my life is becoming taxing.

Longer Term Post Plate Removal Experiences

Now that the plate has been removed, two things have been going on:

  1. Growth pains — yes, I am still getting growth pains. The pelvis is definitely still trying to grow. The tension this was putting on the plate prior is obviously completely gone, so this is now relegated to what I would call a more “normal type” of growing pain. (Much easier to handle/deal with.)
    Other than questioning how long they are going to continue occurring, I see this as a step in the right direction. However, this doesn’t feel like recovery to me, just optimization to better deal with the situation occurring.
  2. Along with the growth pains, I am getting some other new pains. I envision that the plate was adding some rigidity to the pelvic area. Now that it is gone; it is allowing some flexing to occur in the various joints again. Some of these were broken/torn during the initial incident, so this feels like some new achiness related to those that wasn’t occurring prior. Likely due to some added pressure to those joints that haven’t seen any flexibility for a while. This was likely expected to occur, but it’s still a new experience to me. When you can feel this, you’d likely be very surprised how much of this little flexing occurs throughout the course of a normal day.

When combined with other areas that were already achy (like the sacrum) prior to the removal, the whole area is now just very achy in general. My only hope is that this is just a temporary new phase in the healing process. And my hope is that these new areas will adjust over time.

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