Part 1: Leading up to “The Surgery”

The prep — First appointment

Well, the entire process is a bit slow but it is sort of designed to be this way on purpose. After some phone calls and emails, I began to share some necessary info to get ready for a first appointment, or should I say interview? My choice ended up being with a well known surgeon in New York City. It seemed like a good option and only a couple hours drive for me; a place I can get to relatively easily.

The lobby of the Brooklyn Museum
Outside Stonewall, not looking very happy…
Outside Stonewall Inn, not looking particularly happy

Getting the rules of the road…

Nothing much happened in the next 6 months, except for some unnecessary worrying. Everything had apparently went great with that first appointment. The next appointment was to meet with my surgeon for the first time. I was really expecting another world wind set of appointments with the entire staff again…but this was one was much more specific. There were some concerns they needed me to take care of and then there were the ton of dates and requirements I would need to meet. This appointment was much more serious and I was told that if there were any issues…my date would be postponed or canceled.

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Chase balls, and the Ice Skating Rink

Beginning Months of prep…

8 months may seem like a long time, but I was quickly finding out that it really wasn’t. Nobody does anything without a date and now that I had one, there were lots of things I had to do and get arranged. First things first, was to apply to see what insurance was going to cover and what it would not. I had been in contact with them before about it, but they needed a date, they needed a surgeon; they needed info I didn’t have at the time to move forward.



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Christine Penn

Christine Penn


Trans woman, parent, cyclist, software engineer, author, chef, and many other things.