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Christine Penn
3 min readNov 6, 2022
Just a nice pic of me from several years back

I recently updated the about me in my Facebook profile and I think it is worthwhile sharing it here. So, if you have any interest of knowing more about me…here’s your chance to gain some insight to who I am…enjoy

Work life -

I’ve had an engineering mindset since almost day one. That insatiable interest in knowing how things work. Taking things apart, tinkering and updating/changing them or even creating new. Although I also had some interest in medical things, I followed the passion on becoming an engineer. However, later in college I struggled with some of the courses which led to dropping out early. I started to attend Pennco Tech for a short time (7 months) to become an electrician instead. There, I excelled, which gave me the inspiration to go back to college and try again. I returned to engineering and put in around another two years’ effort…finding myself struggling greatly again. I decided to again consider alternatives. I was greatly excelling in the computing side of things, so decided to focus on that instead, but there were limited degree options to me at that point. The best option was to shift to business. All of the time spent in engineering did qualify me for getting a Bachelor of Science degree, whereas most others in the same program would have received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

I’ve had many computing related jobs since, and the luck of getting involved in PC based networking in its infancy. Attaining titles such as Network Engineer, and Systems Engineer along the way. This early career in Information Technology eventually led me to a company heavily dedicated to engineering in general. Where I have worked as an engineer of some type since 1994. (Early on Network/IT, then moved over to Software (Product Development), still focusing on networking.) It would appear that I was always destined to be a software/network engineer…. even though I never finished getting an official degree in engineering (I started as a Mechanical, then switched to Electrical after Pennco Tech. There were no degrees available in software/network engineering at the time when I was in college.) The interesting background that led to the jobs I’ve held over my career did assist in various areas.

Personal life -

Christine Penn

Trans woman, parent, cyclist, software engineer, author, chef, and many other things.