What led to the Best Christmas Present Ever!

My first endocrinology appointment

My name is called, and I am led back by an assistant to an examination room. Someone comes in and takes all my vitals. She states the doctor will be in soon. He’s an older gentleman and it seems like he is out of breath all the time. He sits down with his computer and pauses for a minute, as it seems like he is reviewing something. He requests my recommendation letter for the record, reads it, and then asked me to tell him my story of how I came about to be seeing him. So, I explain to him about when I first knew at 4 years old, and how that came about. How I struggled with it and found some relief in acting out my feelings by dressing up. How that became a regular occurrence that continued even to this very day. I described how I got caught with clothes at 12 and how I was willing to come out then, but the conversation didn’t go well.



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